Monday, April 18, 2011

THE Birthday Box

The "Big Birthday"  Box...

This is a project I made for my hubby's BIG birthday. I wanted him to have a place to put all the items he collects in his pockets. He was very happy with it and actually uses it from time to time.

The sides of the box are painted with metalic surfacers and then sprayed with a patina finish. 

 The top is hand embossed metal using Ten Seconds Studio metal, tools, and molds.
The inside of the box is painted with irridescent paints in several metalic colors.

I really like how this paper mache box now looks like its made of old oxidized metal.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cigar Box Purse

I chose this particular piece for my first post as I created it when I wanted to enter the wine industry. I thought it would be fun to take it wine tasting as a conversation starter. It worked! I got a part-time job in retail sales and hospitality in a tasting room. It has been a great job for me. I love wine and I love to talk to people. It is not conducive to creativity though . I need to create on a regular basis or die...

 This piece is called "The Days of Wine and Roses." I used thumbnail wine label photos from the Wine Spectator Magazine to decoupage on the prepared cigar box. As I also make jewelry, I knew I wanted to incorporate lots of jewelry findings and chain in the piece.

 I even decorated the inside of the box as well.

 I chose this stamp for the front because it is called "They made me keeper of the vineyard."

 It even has bun feet!

 The full sized label in the background is soaked off a bottle then dried. Later I found out that most wineries will give you their left over labels if you ask for them.

I made the "tassel" to flip from side to side along the handle at the top of the box. Sometimes I just spend a moment and finger it. I have thought about making others and selling them, and perhaps if interest is expressed I will do so.